Born in Tehran-Iran in August 1959 and leaving in Toronto-Canada since 1987. Music and art are my favourite hobbies. I wrote my first song in high school, a romantic melody with classical feel on piano (I still play that song every now and then). We started a rock band along with my best friend Kamran, Hormoz, Kamal, Behrooz and Keyvan in 1978, called PEJVAK, playing original songs and some cover songs. Our first concert was in Central Youth Palace ( Kakh Javanan Markazi ), just before our graduations and there were about 250 people in the audience.

The second time that I played one of my original songs on stage, was in Turkey-Ankara in 1983, where I was a foreign student and asked the professor if I can make a song on a poem in our book, he agreed, and that song (Yeşil Pencereden ) became a mini hit in Turkey.

Next time that I played on stage was with a band called Frequency in Toronto, at Lee’s Palace in 1987, This time I just played the keyboards in this band and didn’t write any songs for the band, the video of one of the songs we played called Out In The Street, was featured on Much Music.

Music performance isn’t my strongest passion in music but songwriting is what I always loved to do, I have produced 7 albums at this time (Apr. 2024), available on my websites.
Unlike most of my songs that are instrumental, the single called IAmFromEarth has a lyrics that I wrote in 2011, the lyrics says a lot about my view of the humans on the Earth.

Playing and composing in Freestyle on piano and guitar, are what I enjoy the most in music. The latest three freestyle albums are called HOME MADE (2020), THE FREEWAY (2023) and HAAL (2024).
The last two albums feature Mehrdad Saleki on drums and Tonbak (zarb). In these freestyle albums, the cords and the melodies along with the drums/tonbak are played spontaneously and recorded, then the bass, organ, strings and other instruments are added, arranged, mixed and mastered. The HomeMade album includes freestyle lyrics and vocal.